In a bid for the only poetry-only press in Africa to be completely African, the Konya Shamsrumi has introduced a new blog section, #Maanso. The new section will be put in use by the Editor to showcase African poetry, blending text and images. Maanso as a cross-medium showing poetry in text and images will also be used in exploring GIFS.

At Konya Shamsrumi, African poetry has taken a turn into a modern phase of development. But because we are modern, Konya Shamsrumi will not forget to be African.

So, what’s Maanso?

Maanso is Somali word for poetry. In Somali, there are six distinct forms of Maanso. Among these six forms, there is the Gabay form which, today, stands as synonym for poetry itself because it can be used in exploring all other forms of Maanso.

With Maanso, we will, in particular, share the poetry of our #KSRCollective blended into images while, generally, sharing African poetry with you.

So, come see poetry!

Shams e Tabriz
I am a Persian poet credited as the spiritual instructor of Rumi, revered in the Diwan-i Shams-i Tabrīzī. Here, I am just a Webmaster.