KSR Collective member, Richard Ali, hosted the fourth #SoapboxSession in Abuja yesterday. His guest was city poet, novelist and public communications expert, Michaela Moye.

Michaela and Richard

The Sessions, brainchild of visual artist Numero Unoma and Richard Ali, holds on the first Friday of each month at Numero Unoma’s gallery, Nu Space, in Maitama, Abuja. The Sessions are an intimate platform (no more than 30 attendees) for capital city operatives, intellectuals, and artists. Each event comprises three parts—a reading by the guest, a Proust Q & A and the session proper where the guest mounts a soapbox and talks about an issue they care about.

Michaela read a poem, Jaji, Kaduna, about the town she grew up in. She also read two short stories—Her Fault (from her collection Relieved) and Waking Up from a new collection to be published this year. Her soapbox issue was “Are we all Psychopaths?” and it sparked a lively debate.

We interviewed Michaela on this blog in April 2019

I would say that I am a spider. A web-spinning spider. The words are silk coming out from my abdomen. Crafting the web is my writing process. I read somewhere that spiders would sometimes eat their webs. That feels like starting a piece of writing from scratch or maybe having the confidence to change something that isn’t working. Hopefully, when it’s all done, there’s a beautiful thing to be admired, to be useful.

Michaela Moye

Richard Ali’s poetry collection, The Anguish and Vigilance of Things (Konya Shamsrumi 2019) is available HERE