In their efforts to help in regeneration of the Book Haram ravaged society, the Borno Literary Society holds a first of its kind arts event in Maiduguri tagged Peace Unbroken; 50 Shades of Borno.

Details of the event are on the flyer above.

Here is an interview with the poet Sa’adatu Njidda, a member of the Borno Literary Society.

KSR: Can you give us a brief history of Borno Literary Society?

Sa’adatu: Borno Literary Society (BLS) was conceived after a two-day workshop hosted by Dike Chukwumerije when he was at the state for his MADE IN NIGERA literary event, February 2018. The young writers having been strongly mentored, plunged deep into the ocean of literature. Since then, BLS has held several Open Mic sessions and a workshop on the basics of Poetry and Prose. The workshop had helped unveil a great number of talented writers who had no platform to express themselves. Taking the step forward, the team decided to host the first and biggest literary event ever in the history of Borno titled PEACE UNBROKEN; 50 SHADES OF BORNO.

KSR: What should we expect from the forthcoming event?

Sa’adatu: The forthcoming event; PEACE UNBROKEN; 50 SHADES OF BORNO shall with no doubt exonerate people from the clutches of negativity from the news they have been hearing about Borno. During this event, BLS will showcase how art can be used as a viable tool for advocacy, finding solutions and retelling the untold stories of Borno in a literary context through drama, poetry, music and short stories. Hence, the performances are those of telling the stories of locals’ experience in this conflict-ridden region and at the same time pushing towards leveraging on the platform of art to create positive change to the socio-economic and political issues of our times.

KSR: To what extent do you think arts can mirror the tribulations of the Book Haram terrorism in the North East?

Sa’adatu: Creativity has no dimensions, that is to say, art has the license to savor all areas insurgency has ravaged. However, being it a newly accepted entity in the North East, it is the fastest means of passing positivity against the misfortune and transforming lives through the healing power of art.

KSR: Thank you for granting this interview. We look forward to what the event holds.

Sa’adatu: The pleasure is all mine. Thank you.

Sa’adatu Njidda aka The Boss Lady was born and brought up in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. She is presently an Msc student of Environmental Management at the University of Maiduguri. Sa’adatu is a poet, a spoken word artist and soon to be novelist. She co-authored the book Re-Union; Poems of global Imaging and Synthesis. She loves to sleep and talk all night to herself.