I’m a spirit. Captured in a bloody body. I can fly too. Celestial. And crash into this earth dusty. I cry, captured in this fleshy mess. Like again… I’m born. Yeah, sometimes I fly daytime skies and see how close I can get to the sun.

Patrick A. Howell is an award-winning banker, entrepreneur and writer. His first work was published with the UC Berkeley African American Literary Review and Quarterly Black Book Review. Mr. Howell is a frequent contributing writer to the Huffington Post, Los Angeles Review of Books and has been cited in national platforms as Poetry Foundation, Poetry Society, NBC BLK and The Grio. In 2018, he attended the Leopardi Writer’s Conference in Recanati Italy to complete work on ‘Quarter ’till Judgement Day’, a coming of age experimental fiction work.

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Persian poet credited as the spiritual instructor of Rumi, revered in the Diwan-i Shams-i Tabrīzī and here: Webmaster.