In a meeting recently held by the founding members of the board of Yagazie Media Limited, the parent company to the Griots Lounge trademark, a decision was reached to officially register and trademark Griots Lounge Publishing Canada as an independent entity to publish and release a mix of African and North American styles of storytelling or literature to the readers and lovers of literature in North America. By this resolution, Griots Lounge Publishing Canada has been officially and independently birthed in Winnipeg Manitoba, and also registered with the Library and Archives of Canada. All titles and trademarks under Yagazie Media Limited have been transferred to Griots Lounge Publishing Canada.

Griots Lounge Publishing Canada has already scheduled her first release of Bibi Ukonu’s award winning collection of short stories, titled Things That Start Small but Sweet, to the lovers of literature this summer 2020. Also scheduled for release in 2020 are five more titles of adult and children’s fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Although Griots Lounge Publishing Canada is less than a month old in Canada, she can already boast of a list of new and future releases that will entirely change the literary scene in the region and open a gateway for Canadians into more of African and North American literature.
By this notice, the board of directors would also wish to let lovers of literature and followers know that the Griots Lounge Publishing trademark will henceforth be headquartered in the city of Winnipeg, but maintain operations in the Nigerian cities of Owerri, Lagos, Ibadan and Accra, Ghana through business partner Yagazie Media Limited.

“As we intend to spread to more North American cities in the next couple of years, we also wish to let our followers know that Griots Lounge is alive and well in all the cities that we have touched base with before now.
We also wish to appreciate organizations and business partners, especially the McNally Robinson Booksellers, for accepting to host us with our authors and titles, and make us feel at home. We are sure to have a seamless and healthy business relationship with you in this beautiful country. We appreciate all business partners in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. It is because of you that we have the guts to cast our nets this far,” —Bibi Ukonu

Though their head office is changed, their website and social media platforms remain the same:

Facebook: /GriotsLounge
Instagram: @griotslounge
Twitter: @GriotsLounge

Announcement: Bibi Ukonu.

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