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Nothing is radical: everything is dictated by the language of the cursed bread at the margin of mystery —Umar Abubakar Sidi

I could spend my whole life prying loose the secrets of the insane. These people are honest to a fault, and their naivety has no peer but my own.
— André Breton

Every 7-10 years all the cells of a human body are replaced completely, only the cells at the centre of the eye’s lenses are kept throughout a lifetime;

why does air contain 78% of Nitrogen and why is this gas so important an element to life and existence?

How does chlorophyll gets its green and since it’s why plant appear thus, is it an illusion of a rejected wavelength whose refusal to be absorbed is manifested overwhelmingly in plants who produce oxygen as liveblood determining a living planet’s fate?

At moments of wakefulness, of regaining consciousness from an entombed being hosting all the turbulences of a vision’s enigma, is it true reality lies elsewhere,

of being aware, of visualing a being within a being, from the compression of singularity to the explosive vastness of the mind’s poetic universe?

Events the eye sees are words chained, shackled to another in Derridian embraces, in search of meaning, they form conclaves registering an unfathomable desire for freedom like a long line of slaves marching

averse to spaces regulated by semantic and polemic galaxies, populations like paintings from brushes made of tongues seasoned in vinegar.

What pains do you recall from that sharp cleave of dawn’s knife, light slashing eyelids open to witness tissues ageing with guilt wrinkles sprinkled on birth marks of a sane life’s toxicity?

What scar does it leave each morning on your mind’s canvass which can’t be unseen, images often splattered, chaotic colours racing to obliterate themselves in mass suicides like waking up with a heavy heart?
Does our knowledge shape our perception of our current experience of reality?

What you know influences what you see” —Tom Toppino

Umar Saleh Gwani is an information and Communications Technologies Consultant and solution provider as CEO NextOne ICT Nigeria

He is involved in Farming, Teaching, Profession Training, Mentoring on entepreurahip and business development, Charities, Book Clubs, Software Developers groups, Environmental and Sustainable Development Advocacy, Poetry and Prose writing published on various print and digital media.
He enjoys outdoor endurance sports activities, photography and sustainable development work at community and programme levels. Provides mentoring to a wide range of individuals in different fields of human endeavour. He is married with kids and currently lives in Bauchi, Nigeria.

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