Of Burning Desire

By Ahmad Isah Sabo

Ed Shelly, Unsplash

In dreams, you cradle me in your embrace
our souls absorb each other as our heartbeats caress,
I inhale the perfume of desire in your soft breath
my tongue examining the taste of your lipstick

my hands creep down your chest-hill— I rub
the juicy fruits— ripe for sucking, I lick and squeeze
delicately like water-filled balloons— sensation rise

a fire-smoke of burning desire—
we tremble in each other’s arms.

The chink of your bangles,
the beat of your jigida,
the ‘oh’ of your moan
and the creaking of our bamboo bed

blend into the rhythm of Barmani Choge’s song:
Ahayye sama ruwa kasa ruwa’
and fades into ecstasy as I submerge pieces of bliss to the
dark cave down your groin— where my pen explores

the hidden treasures of mystery— that no poetry can
decipher— yet this euphoric cave bears my mysticism,
if this dream is of hereafter, God, please kill me now.

Ahmad Isah Sabo is a writer, poet and artist from Yobe State, Nigeria. He studies English Language at Yobe State University, Damaturu. He is a contributor to the forthcoming international book: Social Media and Literature: Pros and Cons, India. His works are published on African Writer Magazine, Praxis Magazine, Active Muse Journal and anthologies. Sabo was a special guest at Yesmin El-Rufai Foundation’s Literary Evening of October 2019.

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