Submission for the Nasara Creative Prof. Idris Amali Ekphrastic Poetry Contest has been extended to 9th October, 2020

Enter HERE for more details on how to submit.

This information is obtained from Nasara Creative Facebook page.

Read the press release below:

“The Management team of Nasara Creative extends the deadline for the submission of entries for the Prof Idris Amali Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2020 which was supposed to close on the 25th, September, 2020 to a new date of 9th October, 2020.
We are not unaware of the need to let those who are still getting creative with their ideas commit themselves to their imaginations.
Though the entries received so far have been awesome, this new deadline will not be extended.

Nasara Creative”

SAI Sabouke
SAI Sabouke Administrator
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