They say…

Miguel A. Amutio, Unsplash

Zakiyya Dzukogi

they say…
time swaps into debris
and lay hold of bodies on our backs.
we are still here lining on the tip,
we’ve been sleeping all day
that we forgot there are poems we are yet to write
about our eyes tinted all black
and how quickly we grabbed the sighs.
let the day breath
so we can forget we have nightmares tied right here around our necks.
I will not want to waste more words
for long we’ve been writing about love.

Zakiyyah Dzukogi is a member of the Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation. She’s the author of My Book of Poems, published at the age of 10. Her recent tittle, CARVED, won the 2nd position in maiden edition of Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors. Also, she was the winner of the December edition of Splendors of Dawn Poetry Contest.

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