Today I feel light and free

As my hair is caressed by the breeze

Today has promise and will fulfill

Today, I rise in Glory

Like a phoenix reborn from ashes

Beautifully clothed in red stained sashes

Glorious like Pegasus on Mount Kilimanjaro

Today I rise, I sour in splendor

As the day keeps unveiling all her grandeur

Let the chains of yesterday break away

Today is here, I will not cling to yesterday

Charles G. Kpan Jr (Charley De Inspector) is also a Spoken Word poet. He termed his style of writing as Inspirational Poetry. He’s a signed Spoken Word Artist at NOT BY SIGHT STUDIOS.

He started writing motivational scripts in 2012 and later moved to Essay and Short Story in 2015. Inspirational poetry in 2017 and spoken word in 2018
His works have been published in: Poetry Space, All Poetry, Poetry Spice, We Write Liberia, etc..

Featured image: Patrick Fore, Unsplash

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