“The only price to pay is reaping what we sow, before then, tilling the land to sow, watering the planted land, and weeding before harvest. The Grace of God is priceless, it comes free of charge. The transaction is not for God’s Grace, but our own, the prophets have told us well how that market works.”

So said the sinner.

As the rain falls
For those that pray and those that don’t,
As the world spins steady on a tilted axis
Quaking yet uncrumbled
As life continues while we work hard at murdering earth

We never lose hope of Grace
It is God’s to give
God does not send man’s inhumanity to man
Because God is not man

Some people say, why does man
Suffer when God’s Grace is everywhere

A beggar does not ask for what is never given

The Grace of God is upon those
railing against divine inhumanity
Is empathy suffering?
My broda, are you crying more than the bereaved
Be of comfort
Be the Grace you see does not exist
My friend, you can be the Grace of God
If God does not exist, you do.

If for say you dey do the work
wey you say God suppose do
You no for get time dey talk anyhow

You are covered, because God is not man
And thank God, man is not God
Bad belle no dey for heaven

We thank God for God’s Grace
We thank God on behalf of the unbeliever too
We thank God for the one that has a God that is not there
To blame for the world’s mess

Even if they don’t say thank you themselves
Or say don’t say thank you to God that is not
We thank God
See, God does not even need our thanks
God gives it back, more than we gave it

Bad belle nor dey for heaven
It is the way of the city and those village pipu

Off your mic
We will thank God for you
Though God does not need our thanks
Oga just do your own work

We will throw our seeds of thanks in the air
To God who is not seen there
Everything returns to earth

The Grace of God is priceless
It is given, free

Yes o my broda, I don humble
As poor sinner how I go do?
Na so e be
Na Grace.

Christmas day, 2020
Maiduguri, Nigeria

Bio: Wal’d Alhafid is a Nigerian.

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