Controlled by Nasiru Taofeeqat Temitope

We didn’t grow smaller
Not until our legs wear chains
No, we didn’t swear guilty
We weren’t prisoners.
Our tongues like mat only learnt its place.

Anxiety has a face when striped:
Pale saggy eyes like drained dreams,
Lips chapped like dried kolanut

Living has a manual,” so we’re told,
But we only learnt to grab food and not chew it.
Until the sunset of reality killed our shadows,
Damaged souls wrinkled of dusty desires,
We didn’t know family is armour of immortality
Until knowing administered its pills in forced doses.

Liang Wudong, and George Floyd didn’t know about it, they died.
That it’s all lies, wrinkled in souls of dusty desires.

Nasiru Taofeeqat Temitope is a student of English and Literary studies at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She is a lover of “knowing” who seeks nothing more than learning.
Some of her works can be found in published anthologies like “Who Shall I Make my Wife” , “Peace for the World” and in magazines and literary blogs.

Featured image by Wu Yi, Unsplash

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