There are factors that affect how we turn out, how we best identify with our ideas and those values we believe in.

—Star Okpeh

Photo by Mostafa Meraji, Unsplash

As a poet, I see things with very conscious eyes. I perceive my environment; calculate the odds and question actions before they are taken. This makes the heart of every man who chooses this path for expression.

The existence and supremacy of creation intrigues us. We constantly wonder and search to understand the truth of human ability to live because we seek to be examples of light and words to follow. It is this search that has led me to Islam. It is important to note that I am a very sufficient person. I move when I move, act when I act and when I speak my words are limited and soft. When you grow up leaping from tree to tree, you learn to wait on no one but yourself. Your mind races after the cheetah, blends into decisions like a chameleon and sometimes fear becomes a shallow evidence of despair.

So, now a poet is faced with newness of life; with an awakening.
There are factors that affect how we turn out, how we best identify with our ideas and those values we believe in.

Mahatma Ghandi said, “The essence of all religion is one. Only their approaches are different.” This is largely true with some obvious exceptions but what we’re trying to elaborate on is the fact that community is a strong word. Beliefs are strong cords that bind a people together in brotherhood or association. I have therefore found in the middle of a people bearing a long line of ruling poets and poetry, the authenticity of God’s lordship, human limitations and unity that is not peculiar to races but brings together in one powerful point of coherence, the ultimate faith of men.

Star Okpeh is a Nigerian writer and poet. Miombo’s Princess Of African Poetry 2019 and the author of The Dance of Dawn.  She has a great interest in music, drama and community service. A member of Writers Space Africa, volunteer at the African Writers’ Development Trust and Head of Writers at Portal Network International. Aside writing and the beauty it paints to her, Star presently works as a volunteer at The Christian Faith Homes, Abuja, where she finds peace, warmth and fulfillment in working with children.  JB Burrage, an American writer and publisher, has said of her— “Star is a communicator. A true story teller. A new vibe in a world that needs to be shaken and reminded of who we are. She’s the Future and The Bridge.”

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