The 7th Annual Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Contest is now open for submissions.

You can make your submission through their website,

The contest, open to everyone, have no limitations on style, form or theme. 

The prizes:

$500 for the winning poem
•$100 for honorable mentions
• Submission is Free

The announcement was made on their social media page.

The Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize awards about $2,500 total monetary prize.

About the Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize:
The annual Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry contest began with a call for submissions in late 2015. We had our initial first prize winner, Dawn Marar of Delmar New York, and other prize winners announced in the Spring of 2016. Although most of our submissions were from New York State in the beginning, the contest has become increasingly international in scope with entrants from about 40 different countries each year. Many of our prize winners have been from the international pool of submissions. In general, the quality of the submissions has increased each year.