We are accepting Ramadan-themed poems for the #KSRIftarSeries in observance of the spirituality of fasting.

It is Ramadan, the Islamic month in which all Muslim faithful are commanded to abstain from eating, drinking and sexual contact from early dawn to dusk. In our mission of bringing poetry closer to the people, we have realized that there is a longing for the touch of poetry at the time of Iftar.

We want to read your poems and share with our readers. There is no restrictions placed on the Ramadan-related idea you’d love to explore. Free the muse but with a touch of spirituality that’d buy it a ticket for a train ride to Konya— the city of mystics and holy lovers.


  1. The #KSRIftarSeries is open to all poets around the world, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.
  2. Publication is on daily basis— three poets a day.
  3. We will try our best to respond within 24hrs. But if you did not hear from us after 24hrs, it means your work is not being considered. We do not send rejection letters.
  4. Send, at least, two poems in a single word document. Include a not more than 50 words bio in the body of the email.
  5. Submissions are received via konya.shamsrumi@gmail.com

Ramadan mubarak to our Muslim readers. May this season bring us closer to Truth.