I come before You in khauf
to the threshold of tranquility

The soberness of the clouds upon
the minaret hold a gleam of hope;
bestow upon me Your rahmah

I entreat You with the appearance of magrib
as I quench the pangs of hunger from within.

I come before You in khushū’u,
to seek Your magfirah, ridwān

Tendering my feeble palms
to receive Your nūr, Yā rahēm;
do not let them return empty

For where else do I return to for refuge
if not Your bosom— encompassing all?

About the Poet:

Mohammed U. Yusuf is a young African poet who lives and writes from somewhere in Nigeria. His works have recently appeared—or are forthcoming—in Olongo Africa Journal, Writers Space Africa- WSA, Lunaris Review, The Shallow Tales Review, Frontier Poetry, RoseyRavelston Books, among others.

Featured image by Nicola Fioravanti, Unsplash