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Hadi Sirika biography, age, career, net worth, wife, Wikipedia

Hadi Sirika biography, age, career, net worth, wife, Wikipedia

Hadi Sirika biography 

Former Minister for Aviation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Hadi Sirika is a prominent Nigerian politician and aviation expert who served as the Minister for Aviation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is widely recognized for his significant contributions to the Nigerian aviation sector and his efforts to modernize and improve air travel in the country. Throughout his career, Sirika has held various leadership positions in both the public and private sectors, making him a highly respected figure in Nigerian politics and the aviation industry.

Early Life 

Hadi Sirika was born on March 2, 1964, in Katsina State, Nigeria. He hails from a family with a strong political background, as his father, Alhaji Muhammadu Sirika, was a renowned politician and former minister in the Nigerian government. This background likely influenced Sirika’s interest in politics and public service from an early age.

For his education, Sirika attended the Government Pilot Primary School in Katsina before proceeding to the Barewa College, Zaria, for his secondary education. After completing his secondary education, he pursued his higher studies at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology in Zaria, where he obtained a Commercial Pilot License and a Nigerian Air Force License.


Hadi Sirika’s career began in the aviation industry, where he worked as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. He gained extensive experience and expertise in aviation, particularly in the area of flight safety and operations. His experience in the field led him to serve as a pilot with several Nigerian airlines, including the Nigerian Airways and the Presidential Air Fleet.

In 2011, Sirika ventured into politics and contested for a seat in the Nigerian Senate to represent the Katsina North Senatorial District. He won the election and became a senator, serving from 2011 to 2015. During his time in the Senate, Sirika made notable contributions to legislative debates and championed issues related to aviation and infrastructure development.

In November 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Sirika as the Minister for Aviation, a position that placed him at the helm of Nigeria’s aviation sector. As the aviation minister, Sirika embarked on a mission to transform the Nigerian aviation industry, focusing on key areas such as airport infrastructure, aviation safety, and the establishment of a national carrier.

Under his leadership, significant progress was made in the aviation sector. He spearheaded the construction and remodeling of airports across the country, including the ongoing reconstruction of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos and the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja. These projects aimed to enhance the capacity and efficiency of Nigerian airports, improving the overall air travel experience for both domestic and international passengers.

Sirika was also instrumental in the establishment of Nigeria Air, the country’s proposed national carrier, which aimed to boost Nigeria’s presence in the global aviation market. Although the project faced certain challenges and was subsequently suspended, it demonstrated Sirika’s commitment to revitalizing the Nigerian aviation industry.

Net Worth

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Hadi Sirika’s net worth was not publicly disclosed. However, it is important to note that public officials’ net worth can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as investments, assets, and changes in income.

Personal Life

Hadi Sirika is a family man and has been happily married. However, specific details about his wife and family life have not been widely reported in the media. Sirika maintains a relatively private personal life and primarily focuses on his professional responsibilities and public service.


As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Hadi Sirika had not been featured on Wikipedia. However, given his prominence and contributions to the Nigerian aviation sector, it is possible that

his biography may have been included on Wikipedia since then.

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