Order Harriet Anena’s A Nation in Labour

A Nation in Labour

 “A Nation in Labour is a multitude of voices, a collective protest against the present, and a stubborn belief in the possibility of new ways of being, in Uganda…the tone oscillates from anger to apathy, sometimes it is sarcastic, sometimes persuasive, yet there are times when it is dour and querulous and patronizing. But even then, there is a purpose in the voice, a galvanizing of support, a steely belief in the society’s ability to turn off the cliff and retrace its footsteps.”
– Richard Oduor Oduku.

Harriet Anena

Harriet Anena’s poems have been published by Prairie Schooner, Lawino Magazine, African Writers Trust, African Sun Press, BabishaiNiwe Foundation, The Real G Inc, among others. In 2013, she was shortlisted for the Ghana Poetry Prize. Her short stories have featured in the Caine Prize anthology 2013, Sooo Many Stories, Bookslive and Writivism, among others.

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