Konya Shamsrumi Announces SAI Sabouke as Managing Editor

Abuja, Nigeria. Release: For Immediate Release Nigerian poet, SAI Sabouke, has been appointed Managing Editor of Konya Shamsrumi, effective immediately. This decision was arrived at after extensive consultations within the Konya Shamsrumi […]

Dami Ajayi and Umar Sidi go head-to-head at Konya Shamsrumi

#MeetingOfBards is a free-ranging discussion between two talented poets on their craft, exploring the landscape of ideas and inspiration in Africa Lit, as well as laying emphasis on the tricky issue of the future of poetry. With very different ideas, we find here the very best of two young writers pitted against each other, standing head to head. The conversation is divided into five segments—Disenfranchising the Poet; Poetry and the Question of Utility; The Aesthetics of Listening; Women as the Cornerstone of the Material World and The Mechanics of Craft.